Working with a New Homes Buyer Specialist

I spend 45-60 minutes in my office with each new client getting to know your wants and needs. As we learn each other's story, I build a custom profile that helps you in the following ways:

  1. First Time Homebuyers: I simplify the complex process of buying a new home into 10 steps and set your expectations.
  2. Buyers seeking representation: I outline how my brokerage, my team, and the Realtor® code of ethics protects you.
  3. Busy Professionals: I save you time by introducing you to the right builder first and explain how I am able to create virtual walkthroughs. 
  4. Hometown Heroes: I connect teachers, firemen, police officers, military personnel with builders offering incentives to save you money. 
  5. Relocating / Out of Town Families: I visit your inspections, take care of the options you select, and generally act as your personal representative while you are out of town.