New Home vs. Resale | Results from Greenville SC Home Buyers

I asked 100+ locals if they would buy new or used and why. 

Here's what they said.


I’d buy new.
— God

Last Wednesday, I spoke to over 100 locals, friends, and people on the internet about if they would buy a new or used home near Greenville and why. Although God did not actually say "I'd buy new", we did talk because getting 100+ people to respond in person in 12 hours is a difficult task. 

Logistical challenges aside, about 2/3 of the respondents said they would buy a used home. I was surprised! The national average of home purchases are 89%+ resale and less than 10% new homes.  (Source: National Association of Home Builders.)

People who answered "Used Home" said:

  1. They liked the style of an older home. 
  2. Older homes cost less/it was all they could afford.
  3. A resale home offers better neighborhoods for their needs.
  4. It was an opportunity to take a property and renovate. 
  5. Resale homes did not cut down new trees and use new materials. 

People who answered "New Home" said:

  1. New homes are better in every way, I don't want someone else's fingernails in my carpet. 
  2. New homes are low maintenance (and have a warranty!).
  3. A new home costs less (interesting!). 
  4. With a new home, there is no need to renovate, just move in. 
  5. New homes stimulate the economy. 

Are you surprised? Many of my clients that choose to build their own home have said the same thing, that they want low maintenance and a warranty. That they want to choose their own floor plan. That making changes is costly. Have you ever felt the same way? What would you prefer and why? 

Which is right for you?

Check out my post on new vs used: The decision checklist for home buyers. (Coming soon!)


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