Rocky IV and Greenville Real Estate

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"i must break you"

– Ivan Drago


Love Rocky? Love Greenville? Great. 

Today I'm going to draw comparisons in the themes of Rocky IV with real estate in Greenville because I'm tired of the banal marketing strategies of real estate in the Upstate.

Hopefully by the time you are done reading, you will feel a stirring of nostalgia, positivity, and have a bit more understanding about good business in general. 

Ding Ding Ding!

Theme 1: Cheating

We all know it's bad. Ivan Drago did it. Watch the trailer and check out that doping stack (the vial of steroids) they stick him with. I'd wager it consists of brontosaurus DNA infused with methamphetamines. 

Good Lord. 

The sad reality is that this kind of cheating and dishonesty has not eluded the real estate industry. Upon meeting a client recently, his first words were, "I just finished taking an agent to the Realtor board." If someone I met this month had a bad experience, you can bet you have a fighting chance to end up with a lying agent if you aren't careful. Avoid lying and/or cheating agents at all costs.

Instead, get one who will be honest with you even if it's not what you want to hear.

Theme 2: Change

Rocky IV sends out a message to Cold-War Russia: "If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!"

Nice. What in the world does this have to do with real estate? 

There is one parallel with my team, the Haro Group - the pressure we get from more "established" agencies (read: those that use outdated business practices) is similar to the oversight Rocky felt as he was assigned a "bodyguard" while in Russia.

As one of the fastest growing real estate teams in the country, we invite other teams to grow with us rather than fight them. Change is good, if it's good change.

Theme 3: Underdogs

I'm American.  I didn't cry in Old Yeller, Good Will Hunting, Shawshank Redemption, or Saving Private Ryan. I did cry at least once in each of the Rocky movies. For me, there's even a little lip tremble in there because the underdog becomes the hero. 

We all love it when the underdog wins. It means that if we go for it we can win too. We get to be heroes. 

Let's talk about winners for a moment.

I've had first-time home buyers beat out experienced buyers in bidding. 

My clients have won negotiations that made it possible to get their dream home. 

One of my clients won a house because we did our homework up front on a new neighborhood and got the lot instead of someone else. We were faster. 

There are countless stories from the 300+ clients we have helped this year and plenty more from other great real estate teams in the Upstate. 

Amidst all the negatives and failures there are plenty of success stories in the Greenville housing market. This is something I'm proud to be a part of. 

(One thing that I'm not so proud of is that I did cry in Wall-E. Gets me every time, and nobody even says anything!)

Theme 4: Innovation

I stopped thinking the way other people think a long time ago, you gotta think like you think.

- Rocky Balboa

Ah. Innovation. 

Rocky uses his surroundings to train for the big fight to represent his country. Everything from plowing through snow, to swinging axes, to growing a rowdy beard makes him fight-ready. Innovators find a way.

Ivan Drago uses machines crafted for training... a machine. He acts as his superiors tell him to. 

In business in general, look for people treating people right and innovation. The world is moving too fast to work with old-school thinking and labor. 

Theme 5: Heart

Yes. Let's talk about heart. 

Both fighters in the movie are exquisite in their craft, wielding strength, speed, power, and prowess. 

It's easy to see Rocky is outgunned. Why does he win?

He's a fighter. But there's got to be more - Ivan Drago is too, he is simply the best fighter in the world. Drago should win, right?

Yes, he should

However, he fights because he has to. He is told to win or be the shame of his country. He is manufactured, not developed. 

Rocky, also a fighter who knows nothing else, is different. What it means to him to be a fighter and why he fights is a metaphor for a good life. 

Rocky wins because he fights for family, for himself, for his values. He will stand in front of his opponent, take the hits, and give them back harder. He thrives in a fight while he is winning or losing. 

Drago thrives only when he wins. 

This is a recipe for disaster and the reason why heart is so important. 

Take our company mission statement for example: “To work to see the communities our Sovereign God has placed us in THRIVE” Pretty powerful. 

I fight for me! For ME!!!

Totally different mission statement. Don't hire people like this.


Look out for the differences in the people you do business with. Watch a great movie. Learn from champions. Call me if you have real estate needs. Be a spectacular human being. 


Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions for more outrageous comparisons?

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